HAOS expresses its belief in grounded elegance through ten simple forms that convey pure emotion in the most elemental way possible. Aimed at purifying filmmaking by refusing special effects and technical gimmicks, the Dogme 95 movement – started by Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg – served as an anchoring intention throughout the evolution of HAOS’ new series. 

Convinced that the beauty of design holds greater power in modesty, HAOS rejects the “need” for expensive materials or rare expertise. Instead, the duo seeks to elevate humble materials – such as plywood and sheet metal – in the construction of considered objects and structures. Leaning away from frivolous complication, the resulting works are all the more cared for in their conception, with meticulous attention paid to proportions and clarity. By omitting flair and privileging form over matter, each piece in the series sets an honest tone, stripped-down but thought-out, austere yet playful. 

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