Mombiedro's work is nourished by accumulated references throughout his life. Born in Madrid in 1988, he studied architecture in Madrid, Hamburg and São Paulo, and is currently residing and working in New York City. Mombiedro´s creative process focuses on a trajectory that expands on exploration and discipline through different avenues of design and architecture, from interior and exhibition design to the oversight of construction on some of New York City's tallest skyscrapers.

The differentiating value of Mombiedro's work is its way of leaning on the different trades, incorporating the advice of experts in metal, stone and textiles, designing and working together with them. The result is an artisanal product made entirely in small workshops in Madrid in which each piece is made manually on request and individually. This direct attention allows a unique personalization, respectful with the individuality of the client, turning each piece into a collector's item.

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