Originally from Northern California, Atarah grew up in a small town veiled by fog and rain. It was amongst the giant redwood trees scattered along the coast that she first fell in love with photography, it was through the photographs of her childhood taken by her mother Laura. These little frozen moments fascinated her in a way like nothing else ever had, so she set out to learn how to stop time.

After graduating from The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara with honors and a BFA, Atarah moved to Brooklyn, New York. There she continued her career as a fashion and fine art photographer, learning from the greats and collaborating with other passionate creatives. Over the years her work has developed a signature style of an etherial look with a modern twist.

She creative directs and curates a world of her own, always looking to add a romantic flare, tell a graphic tale, and stir the viewers emotions - implementing a dream like state into her work. She is often seen using her personal experiences as narratives to drive emotion into her images, and in turn - using photography as a journal of her self exploration.

Atarah is most known for her use of medium format; her favorite camera is a Hasselblad 501cm that she bought in California while in College. This small waist level viewfinder camera captures 6x6 cm images on 120m film, which Atarah then scans herself in her Williamsburg apartment. She says it is through the lens of this camera that she feels most connected to her subject, may it be a person or a seascape.

About the series "VIEWS"

“Views is an ongoing visual exploration surrounding the transient nature of being. Each view is a display of perseverance within solitude. The clouds track time against the blank canvas of the sky, as the blossoms unapologetically devour branches. The buildings are works of art with the absence of people, as they slowly consume the natural elements around them. Water dances with intuition, always finding a way out, a way forward, and never reminiscing on the past. This is where we listen to the stillness that surrounds us, sometimes she is bursting forward with a scream, sometimes she whispers softly as we pass her by. Every moment unveils a secrete about life, growth, loss and love. These are the moments where calmness meets drive, where you can hear deep breaths of passion, and heavy sighs. It is here that we relax our eyes and listen closely to the view before us.”

- Atarah Atkinson, 2021

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