Born in Tehran Iran, Saba Yazdjerdi (b. 1991) is an architect and artist whose work investigates her cultural heritage through object, spaces, and materials.
Yazdjerdi, who was raised in Tehran,has lived in Colorado, Rhode Island, Bangkok, New York and California throughout her life.
Fascinated by the human experience, Yazdjerdi explores themes of identity and belonging through a new lens that seeks to embrace, preserve, and celebrate Iranian culture. 
With this in mind, her work achieves a dual-purpose: To reimagine her personal narrative and give Iran’s rich cultural past new life.
For her debut collection, ‘The Pahlevoon Series,’ (c. 2021-present) Yazdjerdi explores the key attributes of Pahlevani––an Iranian martial art, steeped in ethical principles, athletic rituals, and ancient Persian beliefs. 
Yazdjerdi holds a Masters of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a bachelors in Architecture from Shahid Beheshti University. As a practicing architectural designer, her work has mostly been cultural and residential, creating spaces for museums, galleries and private residences.

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