Welcome to Love House.

Love House is an eclectic design showroom, featuring a curated roster of both up-and-coming and established contemporary designers from around the world. Launched in late 2018, Love House quickly became a go-to destination for interior designers and collectors alike. 

Expanding to a new location in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, with a focus on what Elle Decor described as “contemporary, collectible, and cool”, Love House showcases highly customizable made-to-order works alongside limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Additionally, Love House offers custom fabrication and design services, working with clients to create pieces tailored specifically to their space.  

Founders and longtime friends, Jared Heinrich and Aric Yeakey, possess strong backgrounds in the visual arts, with an acute ability to curate unique objects and transform spaces. A hobby-turned-career, the duo have evolved their love of collecting personal pieces to sharing their keen eye with the design community.