Umberto Bellardi Ricci is an Italian sculptor and architect based in New York
City, practicing across London, Mexico, and New York. His work revolves
around the interplay of art and design while exploring the spatial aspects of
sculpture and social sciences through the medium of architecture.
Umberto initially started with geometric abstraction largely interpreted in cast
concrete, influenced by his Japanese mentor and Mexican modernism, as he
founded an acclaimed sculptural project in Las Pozas, the surrealist garden
in central Mexico.

Since he relocated to New York, he has been focusing on a series of folded
steel and brass sculptures, that often incorporate reflective light sources.
While he still works with abstract compositions, pairing ready-made materials
with crafted wood and rubber details, his latest furniture pieces explore the
dialogue between contrasting raw construction elements, such as I-beams or
concrete blocks, and refined textures like marble and glass.

Having taught architecture for many years at the Architectural Association in
London and at the Cornell University in New York, he designed the home for
Turner Price laureate Laure Prouvost in Hackney, and has recently been
commissioned to make objects and furniture for Jenna Lyons’ studio in Soho.