Caroline Zimbalist is an artist and designer who hand creates one-of-a-kind pieces using nontraditional processes and techniques. She’s studied painting, illustrating, and sculpting since she was four and earned a BFA at Parsons studying fashion. She developed an enthusiasm for avant-garde design while furthering her schooling at Central Saint Martins, London. Always interested in making her own materials and pushing color boundaries,she started stripping abstract paintings off their frames and creating garments with the idea of draping bodies in different color palettes. For the past several years she has become proficient with bio-plastics and is creating clothing, jewelry, and sculptures with this relevant textile. She molds her unique recipe of biodegradable and natural materials into striking, three-dimensional forms not just for the ecological value of the technique but for the versatility it permits. Caroline also works as a CAD designer for a NYC based clothing company and owns three rescue dogs. Her art is sold in venues such as the Whitney Museum gift shop, 1st Dibs, Lovehouse, Kravet Curated, and

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