Born and raised amidst the apple orchards of Silicon Valley, Tina Scepanovic is a Chinese American artist with a knack for combining old and new. With a florist mother and engineer father, her childhood was a blend of artistic sensibility and technical prowess. After a diverse career that included stints in biotech consulting and music education, Tina found her calling in art.

Inspired by a traditional furniture painting course at the renowned Isabel O’ Neil Studio in NYC, Tina delved into the world of conservation and historical decorative finishes, discovering a passion for techniques like traditional water gilding, Asian lacquer, and faux marble. Since then, she has been on a mission to bring these time-honored methods into the contemporary landscape, seamlessly blending past with present in her sculptures and installations. By pairing ancient craft with contemporary forms, she creates pieces that defy temporal categorization.  

Tina’s work transcends conventional mediums, frequently integrating wood, metal, glass, and vintage materials. With sustainability and longevity in mind, she selects materials that withstand the test of time—often transforming them using historical finishes and mindful ingenuity. Her intricate process involves layering oils, glazes, and lacquer, and is reminiscent of the approaches utilized by luthiers. She insists on manual execution for almost every step, believing that only the human hand can achieve the finesse the art form demands.

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