Giraffe Lamp by Jorge Suárez-Kilzi


The Giraffe Lamp is a design that takes its name from what are to me very graceful and serene animals. They exude a natural sense of balance. Inspired by these stunning animals, the “Giraffe” Lamps centre their weight at the base with solid steel spheres and use light piping to get the light source all the way up in an attempt of covering a bigger area with its light. The head houses a LED round panel and the transformation box and can be tilted on the vertical plane only. The pipes allow the cabling to go around and leaves the lamp by a perforation at the base.

*Made to order, lead time 8-12 weeks.

Jorge Suárez-Kilzi
short: 50x60x185cm
tall: 50x65x215cm
grassing (horizontal): 65x150x115cm

*Price does not reflect shipping cost, please email for a quote

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