Hero Lamp by Panorammma Atelier


Hero lamp is floor lamp virtuously crafted in stainless steel which holds a lightly tinted acrylic globe that gives off a warm candle-like light.

This unique light piece standing freely as a retro futurist monolith, or personal totem of sorts. Hero Lamp takes inspiration from Jean-Pierre Garrault and Henry Delors’ 1971 “Globe Lamp” series to create a unique anachronistic light piece. “Hero Lamp” exhibits traction between past visions of the future and our technological present reminding us of our limited perspective of geological time.

*Made to order, customization available - Lead time 4-6 Weeks

Panorammma Atelier
11.81"L x 11.81"W x 51.18"H

*Price does not reflect shipping cost, please email info@lovehouseny.com for a quote

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