Downing Street Table by Love House


Love House is proud to present the Downing Street Table. Handcrafted in Brooklyn and fully customizable, each table is made to order and tailored to your preferences. 

Designed for the discerning eye, the Downing Street Table makes a statement without compromising on functionality. The modular tripod legs provide endless configurations for pairing chairs with the ease of a pedestal base without losing the presence of a traditional 4 leg table. With the freedom to scale the table to the size requirements of any room, the curved edges of the table's hard lines allow the Downing Street table to complement - not compete with any space. 

The Downing Street Table is offered standard in natural ash measuring 96"L x 40"W x 29.5"H. Additional options include a bleached, pickled, or ebonized ash as well as custom staining to match any color. It can also be constructed of Oak, Walnut, or High-Gloss Lacquer. Larger sizes may require additional or different leg positioning for stability. For custom sizing and further information please email

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